After closing for April due to COVID-19, I am excited to announce that I will begin seeing patients again beginning May 1st for acupuncture and virtual consultations. Our office accepts most insurance for in-office acupuncture visits.

Here is what we are doing to keep you safe from COVID-19

All Patients will be required to wear a mask during your time in the office. I will also be wearing one.

Our building is locked at this time. When you arrive text or call (619) 995-0966 so I can let you in the building.

If you find the building unlocked, to ensure social distancing in the waiting area, arrive at the time of your appointment and not early or late. I recommend you wait in your car if you are here early. Text me and I will advise you when to come to the door.

Waiting area and main door are sanitized every hour. Our front and lobby door are kept open. And as much as possible we, the staff, are opening the door for patients.

Treatment room is throughly sanitized after each patient. Linens are washed after every use. Head rest is double wrapped and draped to avoid contamination of the table and head rest. Chair, door knob, treatment table, head rest, equipment, and counter surfaces sanitized after every patient. Anything touched by a patient is sanitized.

Hand sanitizer is used often during the treatment. Hand sanitizer is provided by our office for use before and after your treatment.

I cannot guarantee the cleanliness of the bathroom, railings, elevator, doors of the building and anything outside our office. I recommend gloves or using a paper towel to touch all public surfaces.

Thank you and wishing you good health!